“Relax in the knowing that all along your life has been preparing you for your mission. All you need are the tools and skill set to identify and magnify it.”
~ Carolann Fernandes


How to Step Into Your True Calling

A foremost authority with over a decade’s worth of pioneering research and the author of Mission:Possible, Carolann has discovered the most comprehensive process to identify and actualize your true calling.

It’s here, within the pages of this book that you will find a step-by-step process and series of life inquiries that serve as a guide to uncover the true mission, possibilities and calling of your life.

  • Bring into clarity the puzzle pieces of life experiences that have been guiding you to and along the path of your mission all along.
  • Learn ways to expand your horizons and open up to a possibility that you may have once believed impossible. 
  • Ignite new inspiration to reflect on your life and identify powerful opportunities life is presenting to you.
  • Learn how you can be initiated to your true calling so that you can identify your initiation when it occurs.
  • Discover the seven steps to actualize your mission.
  • Read case study examples and be inspired by people who reflect their own mission possible
  • Find the motivation to move from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Finally and forever come to peace with some of your life situations and circumstances.
  • Embrace a sense of connection with your life that gives you the assurance and imbues you with a powerful sense of passion for what is possible in your life and for the world.

“You are born with a Mission; this is not true for some, it is true for all. You have God-given talents and capacities that are exclusive to you. Your inimitable combination of attributes is not unlike that of a thumbprint or a snowflake – no two are the same the world over! Regardless of your age, gender, race, economic status or level of education, there is something exceptional that you can do, that hasn’t been done before, that the rest of us cannot do, see or express in quite the same manner.  You’ve got a unique contribution to make be it large or small, to your community, country or the planet at large, which will heal, evolve and enlighten the world and that is why actualizing your mission is so vital! As you allow your true self to emerge, follow your heart’s desire and heed your intuition, you will discover the purpose for which you were born and the indispensable role you alone are here to play.”


"This book has the potential to be very useful to many people. It is a valuable and rather unusual book in the self-help genre especially because of its many concrete, inspirational examples from real life and because its principles are described very specifically…in contrast to the numerous self-help titles whose content consists of “glittering generalization” that do little to point readers to particular actions they can take to improve their lives."

- Cllen Kleinern -
Founder of Project Nightlight, a non-profit organization

"It is the definitive book in discovering one’s true calling, an opus magnum. It is both a blend of spirituality and practicality. It is a book that will help vast numbers of people."

- Dr. James Hopkins -
Harmonix Healing

"This is the Hero’s Journey, in the non-fictional sense."

- Vincent Spano -
Actor, writer and director

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