Life is filled with opportunities to connect with our greater spiritual potential. Of East Indian decent, Carolann was born in Malawi, Africa. At the age of ten her family and community suddenly found themselves amidst a highly charged political coup d'etat and were initially given 3 days to flee the country. As chaos ensued, her young life was turned upside down. Leaving behind the only home she had known, extended family, friends, beloved pets and belongings, she headed to London, England, with her immediate family and her entire life packed in a suitcase. Several years later she and her family emigrated to the U.S.A. As a result of the numerous challenges and struggles she endured from an early age, she was propelled on to a life-long path of learning, spiritual studies, personal growth and transformation.

Today, Carolann comes with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience and has assisted many people with her guidance. She has a tremendous ability to receive, process and through the transmission of insight she moves clients to new levels of understanding and a deepened sense of possibility. With intensely keen observations, she has a natural gift for delivering just the right words along with a healthy dose of comfort and inspiration.

A highly intuitive woman of deep wisdom and a brilliant mind, Carolann goes beyond traditional methods of thinking and is vast in her ways of knowing. A foremost authority with over a decade’s worth of pioneering research, she has discovered the most comprehensive process of identifying and actualizing one's true calling, which in turn led to the authorship of her book Mission:Possible. A 'midwife of souls', Carolann's deepest desire is anchored in a relentless commitment to help others recognize and celebrate a life of purpose.