"Carolann is intelligent and wise. (She is focused and intuitive.) She is Yin and able to take a great deal in, sort it through and come to workable solutions and suggestions to facilitate growth, healing and emotional well-being. Carolann is a beautiful soul, in touch with SELF, able to speak and see the truth. When people are in crisis she instills confidence and helps people tread through the issues of their lives. She never seeks to control only to facilitate depth."

- Cassandra Christensen-
Founder of Project Nightlight, a non-profit organization

"There are very few people in this world who possess the gift of holding space for another from a heart space so deep, so profound, and so caring. There are even fewer who posses an intuition that from a place of being present, fully present with you, for you, are able to guide you in the right direction, to inspire trust, and to hold you in a place of caring when you need it most in order to take the next sometimes difficult step with yourself. Carolann is one of those rare human beings, wrapped so beautifully and clearly in spirit, that she helps you find, honor, love, reclaim and respect yours. She gives the gift of love through the portal of listening to you, through you, for you. She has the gift of delivering to you your own soul's wisdom, and when she shares it with you, you know it is truth. She is a gift and a blessing in my life, and to humanity."

-Gina Cloud-
Author of Woman: A New Definition and host of the internationally heard radio show, Redefining W.O.M.A.N.

"Carolann, I just think you're awesome, so I'm hoping this communicates that for your clients; Carolann has changed my life. She's helped me clearly define what I want. Then, she taught me how to be a magnet to attract exactly that for business and relationships. I've even attracted my perfect mate! She helped me understand and define my boundaries, shed baggage, let go and transform and bloom. Unique from traditional therapy, her spiritual approach helps me understand the difference between what my soul is here to do vs. how my body feels. I recommend everyone interested in self-growth, exploration and transformation to work with Carolann. She's incredible. "

-Ani Phyo-
Author of Ani's RawFood Kitchen: Easy Delectable Living Food Recipes and Return on Design:Smarter Web Design That Works

"I have made more gains and had the courage to take action and accomplish more by working with Carolann for a short time- than all the years I have been in therapy! Thank you- you are amazing."

-Louise Pacera-

"Carolann, it is with extreme joy that I thank you for your wise coaching. You have such a unique and graceful way of seeing my soul, telling me the truth, both challenging and soothing my mind, and reminding me to claim it all within my limitless body. It feels so ironic today I felt lost and insignificant, and within a half hour of working with you that all shifted. I am not used to being on such an emotional roller coaster where within an hour's time I can go from a steep drop to a thrilling climb. On my own I would have wallowed in the low points for far too long. Thank You."

-Seth Colton-
Writer, Producer, Actor

"Carolann, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past two years. Your capacity to listen to my cries for help, with the warmth and caring that every living soul should have the chance to experience, made me feel safe to go ever deeper during our work together! Out of that listening, came an understanding of me that was profound. Your insightful feedback, and suggestions of different methods to help me work through my deeply rooted pain, were perfect every time!! Through our work together, I was able to work on healing the relationship with my inner child, and have a better understanding about the wonderful man that I am today. I cannot put into words how much you mean to me, and what a difference you have made in my life. All the best and thank you."

-Robert Schwartz-
Financial Advisor

"My life has changed dramatically for the better! Carolann is knowledgeable, insightful, highly educated and very lovely. I highly recommend her."

-Anne Peralta-
Writer, Producer

"Carolann, I want to thank you for helping me to push beyond my comfort zone. Your sincerity and authenticity is an inspiration to me and it contributed to helping peel back layers of revelation about myself."


"Carolann, you are one of the most amazing women I have met. I don't believe I could have gotten to this level of feeling and depth without you. Your wisdom and intuitiveness is incredible. Your purity astounds me and gives me the courage to go deeper and I thank you."

-Kute Blackson-
Transformational Life-Coach and Author

"I changed my status from single...I am now married! I did all the homework from your coaching sessions and continue to refer to it daily."

-Nancy O'Brien-

"I am completely shocked at everything you have done for me. My mind set has changed so much and because of it my results have been a lot better. I have a friend who was hurt really badly before and he never trusted anyone as a result of it. I told him to never give up hope in life because there are people as yourself who will totally inspire and change your life and situation. Carolann, it's because of people like you that my life has changed for the better."

-P. Gcaba-